TU series isolation transformer TU48GB 1000V/2000V/3000V  50VA - PowerUC

TU series isolation transformer TU48GB 660V/690V/1000V/1140V/1500V/2000V/3000V 40VA


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  1. Vacuum epoxy resin encapsulated,100℃ /6 hours high temperature aging, long woking life 20 years and with high delectric strength.
  1. High quality laminated silicon steel, low temperature rise, high efficiency
  2. PBT engineering plastic, environmental protection, flame retardant, 120 degrees without deformation
  1. Reasonable structure, easy installation, low noise, strong seismic, airtight waterproof, moisture-proof

Techneical Index:

Mounting type:Sub-plate mount

Flame resistance :UL94-V0

Insulation class:B

Operation temperature:-30℃~+40℃

Work frequency:50Hz~60Hz

Dielectric strength:Pri./Sec. 25KV 50Hz 1min 5mA,

                                  Sec/Sec 500V 50Hz 1min 5mA

Technical Parameter:


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