PCB toroidal transformer PTC5 110Vx2/115Vx2  5VA

PCB toroidal transformer PTC5 110Vx2/115Vx2 5VA


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Small leakage, low noise, high efficiency, low no load current, PCB mounting, used for supper acoustics, medical equipment, military engineering, precision instrument, using the imported high quality toroidal core.  Primary working voltage: 110x2/115x2/120x2 (can be customized according to customer's requirements).

Technical Index:
Mounting type: PCB
Flame resistance: UL94-V0
Insulation class: B grade
Work temperature: -30°C ~ +60°C
Frequency range: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Dielectric strength: PRI/SEC:4KV 50Hz 1min 5mA

                               SEC/SEC 500V 50Hz 1min 5mA

PRI/SEC:4KV 50Hz 1min 5mA


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