Split Core Current Transformer SCT010 rated input 10A 20A 30A 50A 60A 80A rated output 20mA 10mA 50mA 16.6mA 80mA 40mA 26.6mA 0.333V 1V


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Safety lock buckle, easy to install; Built-in over-voltage protection device (TVS tube); Lead type output, length can be customized; Suspended type

Uses: Suitable for current measurement, monitoring and protection of AC motors, lighting equipment, and air compressors.

Typical technical index:

Material of core——Ferrite

Working voltage——Phase voltage≤720V

Working temperature——-25℃~+70℃

Storage temperature——-30℃~+90℃

Frequency range——50Hz~1KHz

Dielectric strength——Input(bare conductor)/output AC 800V/1min 5mA 50Hz Output/Outer shell AC 3.5KV/1min 5mA 50Hz


Electrical parameters:


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