Rogowski coil RFIZ-AC Rated current 30A-6000A output 1V AC


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The RFIZ series are flexible current transformers based on the principle of Rogowski coils, flexible rope like air coils, which can be connected around the conductor when it is "live". Compared with traditional split and solid-core CTs, they are easier to install and measure. With their flexible design and light weight, they are very suitable for bus bars and irregularly shaped multi-core wiring harnesses. Rogowski coil technology has low phase shift error, inductance and excellent linearity, while being largely unaffected by electromagnetic interference and pulsed DC, thus providing high accuracy. RFIZ-AC series coils can be used for single-phase and three-phase measurement applications. The built-in voltage integrator can simplify the wiring installation, can output 0 to 2V AC voltage, and the rated input can be selected between 30A~10kA.


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