Open and close core leakage current (current) monitoring relay JSL045/065/100 Rated current100A

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JSL045 / 065 / 100 series core opening and closing AC current monitoring relay, for leakage current, over current protecting.  When the main circuit current exceeds the set value, the built-in relay is energized an the main circuit current is less than the set value and below the hysteresis range, the relay is de-energized, and the product provides the user with a set of transitions that are completely isolated from the input / output current point. The product output can be used directly for PLC or relay protection system.

① Alarm signal for the relay contact output and detection circuit completely isolated
② Input / output / power between the electrical strength greater than 2500V AC / 1 min
③ Especially used in the requirements of high precision measurement, repeat the error of small occasions
④ Plate installation, fast push crimp terminal output
⑤ With alarm hold selection terminal (B1 / B2)

Technical Indicators:
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