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Integrated power quality analyzer


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  • Measurement: three-phase/line voltage, three phase current, frequency, zero-sequence current, voltage/current imbalance factor, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, active energy(Kwh), reactive energy(Kvarh)
  • Measurements up to 32st Current/voltage harmonics 
  • Electric energy metering: two-way four-quadrant electric energy metering, time-sharing charging, electricity settlement and automatic meter reading 
  • Support waveform record, trend record, maximum (minimum) value record and event record
  • Demand statistics: four-quadrant and three-phase active/reactive power demand, current demand, previous peak demand record, fault record, trend record, power quality monitoring, `wiring adjustment, harmonic analysis, accumulated time-sharing record, peak demand and time tag, demand forecast
  • LCD display, all parameters can be set through the button on panel 
  • Current input: CT 5A/1A Voltage input: 100V/400V
  • Power Supply: 85~265V AC/DC 
  • 1 RS-485 communication interfaces, Modbus RTU Protocol 

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