About Us

Poweruc is your authorized distributor of high-quality electrical components at competitive prices. We are a platform that offers a wide range of electrical components to the needs of our esteemed customers as we aid them through their design and production process. With electrical components, the products, brands and possibilities are constantly changing and endless and we help you stay ahead of the curve with superior quality.

Poweruc strives on a dedicated partnership with trusted and leading electrical components manufacturers to deliver products directly from the manufacturers to customers without any counterfeit. From Transformers to Hall Effect Sensors, Transmitters, Protection relays, Moulds, Conductors and Power supplies, we deliver authentic products customized for your specific needs.

With the best customer service and satisfaction to our customers’ needs, we facilitate engineer’s dreams by providing them with the best quality and result driven electrical products to make their production easier. With a team of experts, we provide:

Authorized distribution of original products in good shape directly from manufacturer Top quality products from leading manufacturers around the world Large selection of products of various shapes and sizes Expertise in providing the best quality and useful electrical components Full support from start to finish as our team is available to guide and educate you on the right component. Fast shipping and delivery

At Poweruc, we are constantly providing the best innovation and proud to offer top-quality products with a stellar performance as a solution to your needs right on www.poweruc.com. Browse our website today and find new ways to innovate by taking advantage of the best deals. Our office is located at 11100 Valley Blvd Ste 342, El Monte, CA, 91731 USA