800A-2000A current transformer BH-0.72-100 - 800A/1000A/1200A/1500A/2000A-0.1A/1A/5A - PowerUC

800A-2000A current transformer BH-0.72-100 - 800A/1000A/1200A/1500A/2000A/2500A-0.1A/1A/5A


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BH-0.72 current transformer are mainly indoor use, rated voltage ≤0.72KV, 50Hz AC current, to measure current or energy or relay protection.
Products are plastic molded CT.
Widely used in the complete sets of cabinets.
Installation can be busbar fixed or bottom plate fixed.
Any direction installation will be OK.

Technical Index:
Mounting type: Busbar / Bottom plate fixed
Core material: Silicon Steel
Flame resistance: UL94-V0
Work voltage: 720V
Working temperature: -20°C ~ +85°C
Storage temperature: -25°C ~ +90°C
Work frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Dielectric strength: 6KV 50Hz 1min

Electrical Index:


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